Our Background


Zeptos has experience with micros and mainframes. Zeptos is active in programming, content production and design of web-based services. We produce books and cd-roms. We combine web-based data collection with page layout using our special software. If you need advice in planning your processes around web tools, we can probably help.

We are not forgetting our scientific roots. Researchers have two phases in their work. In the first phase they collect measurements from instruments. In the second phase the measurements are converted to scientific conclusions.

Progress in research depends on innovations in customized software. The people who can best formulate the scientific questions into programs are the scientists who are familiar with all aspects of the scientific process.

We hope to help programming scientists by offering useful tips in high-level programming languages such as MATLAB, Mathematica or IDL. With time the accumulated tricks will form a Scientific Toolbox.  

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